What’s New

  • PPPAC in its 79th Meeting convened on 13th June, 2016 recommended 1 project with a TPC of Rs. 1,905.55 crores to the CCEA.

  • 72nd EI Meeting convened on 8th July, 2016

  • EC in its 26th Meeting convened on 2nd February, 2016 recommended 2 projects with a Total Project Cost of Rs. 2,288.32 crores

Project News

Projects Recommended by the PPPAC Number of projects : 301
Total Project Cost : Rs. 349,836.10 Crore
Projects granted final approval under VGF Scheme Number of projects : 58
Total Project Cost : Rs. 32,764.73 Crore
Grant Support Approved : Rs. 5,797.53 crore