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Decision-Making Processes

Sector: Ports  |  Module 3: Tools and Resources


Template for needs and options analysis
1 Project File Number:
2 Project Name:
3 Project Description:
A brief technical description of the scope of the project and location:  
4 Describe how the project shall meet the present or future needs of the public and likely benefits to users:  
5 Describe how the project will meet the Sponsoring Authority’s strategy or plans:  
6 Describe how the project will complement other developments in the area through review of sector strategic plans:  
7 Brief description of environmental and social assessment workplans:
Please add more details as an annexure to this form  
8 Brief description of land acquisition and resettlement requirements, community consultation undertaken, willingness and compensation/ assistance plan:
Please add more details as an annexure to this form  
9 Briefly describe various options identified to deliver service/facility/product:
Option A:
Option B:
Option C:
10 Summary of options analysis:
Please add more details as an annexure to this form
    Option A Option B Option C
Technical and operational features      
Land & resettlement issues      
Environmental and social aspects      
Likely private sector interest      
11 Recommendation on the preferred option  
12 Brief description of the project design of preferred option:  
13 Commitment of responsible parties:
Briefly describe the involved parties (line departments and other institutions), their roles and responsibilities, and confirmation of their agreement to perform the tasks required  
15 Further action required:  



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