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Sector: Ports  |  Module 3: Tools and Resources

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Example Contents for Pre-feasibility Study Report
No Information to be covered in the pre-feasibility report Covered? (yes, no)
1 Technical and Operational Practicality of the Project Concept - Preliminary analysis of:  
1a The engineering and technical aspects of the project  
1b The manageability of the operational aspects of the project  
1c Preliminary assessment of all likely technical and operational risks  
2 Environmental and Social safeguard activities (and related reports)  
2a Socio-Economic Assessment and Analysis  
2b Environmental Assessment Scoping  
3 Financial and Economic Viability of the Project Concept - Preliminary assessment of:  
3a The cost recovery/income generation assumptions of the project  
3b Likely private sector interest in the project  
3c The overall project cost (capital + operations + maintenance)  
3d Possible financial risks  
3e Identification of likely economic benefits generated by the project  
4 Possible arrangements for private sector participation:  
4a Role of the private sector (direct or indirect investment, Joint Venture Partner, etc)  
4b Contractual framework for the PSP arrangement  
4c Outline procedure for ensuring competition in the selection of the private sector partner(s)  
4d Legal documentation required to allow participation of the private partner(s)  
5 Next Steps:  
5a Resources required to complete the project preparation process  
5b Parties responsible for completing next steps  
5c Roles and responsibilities of involved parties  
5d Time frame required for completing project preparation