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Document guides

Example Contents for Request for Qualification (RFQ)

For further details see for example DEA PPP Cell’s model RFQ.

No Information commonly covered in the RFQ document Covered? (yes, no)
1 Introduction  
1a Background to the project  
1b Brief description of the bidding process  
1c Schedule for the bidding process  
2 Instructions to applicants  
2a General  
2a.1 Objectives of the project  
2a.2 Scope of services required  
2a.3 Eligibility  
2a.4 Site visit(s)  
2a.5 General rules of the application and bid process  
2b Documents  
2b.1 Contents of the RFQ  
2b.2 Clarifications, amendments of the RFQ  
2c Requirements for preparation and submission of application  
2c.1 Language  
2c.2 Format of application  
2c.3 Submission date  
2d Evaluation process  
2d.1 Opening and evaluation of applications  
2d.2 Confidentiality of applications  
2d.3 Clarifications sought from applicants  
2e Qualifications and bidding  
2e.1 Short-listing and notification  
2e.2 Submission of bids  
2e.3 Correspondence with the applicant  
2f Evaluation criteria  
2f.1 Evaluation parameters  
2f.2 Relevant technical experience  
2f.3 Required financial information  
2f.4 Short-listing of applicants  
3 Pre-application conference  
4 Fraud and corrupt practices  
5 Pre-application conference  
6 Miscellaneous  
7 Annexes  
7a Formats for application documents (technical qualifications and experience, financial capacity, etc)  
7b Formats for powers of attorney  
7c Format for joint bidding agreement for consortium