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Decision-Making Processes

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Document guides

Example Contents for Request for Proposal (RFP)

For further details see for example DEA PPP Cell’s model RFP.

No Information commonly covered in the RFP document Covered? (yes, no)
1 Introduction  
1a Background to the project  
1b Brief description of the bidding process  
1c Schedule for the bidding process  
2 Instructions to applicants  
2a General  
2a.1 Terms of bidding  
2a.2 Change in consortium; change in ownership  
2a.3 Cost of bidding  
2a.4 Site visit  
2a.5 Right to accept / reject bids  
2b Documents  
2b.1 Contents of the RFP  
2b.2 Clarifications, amendments of the RFP  
2c Requirements for preparation and submission of application  
2c.1 Format, signing, delivery arrangements for bids  
2c.2 Submission date  
2c.3 Late bids  
2c.4 Content of bids  
2c.5 Modification, withdrawal of bids  
2c.6 Rejection of bids  
2c.7 Validity of bids  
2c.8 Confidentiality of bids  
2c.9 Clarifications sought from bidder  
2d Bid security  
3 Evaluation process  
3a Opening and evaluation of bids  
3b Test of responsiveness  
3c Selection of bidder  
3d Contacts during evaluation  
4 Fraud and corrupt practices  
5 Pre-bid conference  
6 Miscellaneous  
7 Schedules  
7a Concession Agreement  
8 Annexes  
8a Letter comprising the bid  
8b Bank guarantee for bid security  
8c Formats for powers of attorney