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PPP TOOLKIT for Improving PPP
Decision-Making Processes

Sector: Ports  |  Module 3: Tools and Resources

Abbreviations and Acronyms

BLT Build Lease Transfer
BOLT Build Own Lease Transfer
BOO Build-own-operate
BOOT Build-own-operate-transfer
BOT Build-operate-transfer
BRTS Bus Rapid Transport System
BTL Build Transfer Lease
CA Concession Agreement
CDM City Development Plan
CSI Cross-Section Interactive
DBFOT Design Build Finance Operate Transfer
DBO Design Build Operate
DBOOT Design Build Own Operate Transfer
DCF Discounted Cash Flow
DEA Department of Economic Affairs
DPR Detailed Project Report
EC Environmental Clearance
ECA Economic Consulting Associates Ltd
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
EIRR Economic Internal Rate of Return
EOI Expression of Interest
EPC Engineering Procurement and Construction
FI Family Indicator
FS Feasibility Study
FSR Feasibility Study Report
FVIT Financial Viability Indicator Tool
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GoI Government of India
ICB International Competitive Bidding
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IIFCL India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited
IIPDF India Infrastructure Project Development Fund
IRR Internal Rate of Return
ISR Initial Screening Report
ITT Invitation to Tender
JnNURM Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
JV Joint Venture
LCM Least Cost Method
LIB Limited International Bidding
MCA Model Concession Agreement
MIS Management Information System
MoEF Ministry of Environment and Forests
MSW Municipal Solid Waste
MVT Mode Validation Tool
NCB National Competitive Bidding
NGO Non-Governmental Organisation
NHAI National Highways Authority of India
NHDP National Highways Development Programme
NPV Net Present Value
O&M Operation and maintenance
OMT Operate Maintain Transfer
OPP Original Project Proponent
P&E Procurement and Evaluation
PDA Project Development Agency
PFR Pre-feasibility Report
PFS Pre-feasibility Study
PO Project Officer
PHED Public Health and Engineering Department
PIU Project Implementation Unit
PMGSY Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
PMU Project Management Unit
PPP Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure
PPPAC PPP Approval Committee
PPIAF Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility
PSB Public Sector Benchmark
PSC Public Sector Comparator
QBS Quality Based Selection
QCBS Quality-cum-Cost Based Selection
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Qualifications
ROE Return on Equity
RTP Request for Technical Proposal
SF Suitability Filter
SIA Social Impact Assessment
SPV Special Purpose Vehicle
SWM Solid Waste Management
TAMP Tariff Authority for Major Ports
TOC Table of contents
TOR Terms of Reference
UK United Kingdom
ULB Urban Local Body
USA United States of America
UNCITRAL United National Commission on International Trade Law
VFM Value for money
VGF Viability Gap Funding
WB World Bank
W&S Water and Sanitation