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Sector: Ports  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Preparation for contract management

The Sponsor’s role in a PPP does not end once the contract is signed with the private partner. It is worth remembering that a PPP is a public-private partnership. The Sponsor must remain engaged with the PPP throughout its life.
As with the other Phases of the PPP Process, preparation is important and good preparation will help achieve efficient contract management and a good outcome from the PPP.

There are two important parts to contract management preparation:

  • Ensuring that the Concession Agreement covers all performance-related issues, and specifies responsibilities and obligations
  • Ensuring the Sponsor has an adequate institutional set-up in place so that it can manage the contract

A Readiness Check should be carried out at the start of Phase 4. The purpose is to ensure that the Sponsor is fully prepared to enter the contract management phase.



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