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Readiness Filters

Readiness Check 4: Implementation & Monitoring Readiness

Click here for further instructions on how to do a Readiness Check and how to use the Readiness Filters.


The Sponsor continues to have a very important role to play throughout the whole life of the PPP. The focus of this role is on ensuring that the concessionaire delivers the services as agreed in the Concession Agreement. To do this successfully, the Sponsor should be prepared in advance for contract management and monitoring.

The purpose of Readiness Check 4 is to:

  • Check that the Sponsor is well enough prepared to take on its contract management role before major management responsibilities begin.
  • Check for and raise flags about risks and weaknesses in the Sponsor’s readiness.

Where weaknesses are found these should be fixed as a priority.

The Readiness Check (RC4) is done using the Readiness Filter for RC4.


This check takes place at the start of Phase 4, which is the contract management and monitoring Phase of the PPP. Phase 4 continues throughout the entire life of the PPP, starting from when the contract is signed and the PPP has reached technical close and ending when the contract period is complete or if the contract is terminated.




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