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Sector: State Highway  |  Module 3: Tools and Resources

Readiness Filters

Readiness Check 3: Procurement Readiness

Click here for further instructions on how to do a Readiness Check and how to use the Readiness Filters.


The purpose of Readiness Check 3 is to assess whether the Sponsor is sufficiently prepared to complete the procurement process and ready to make the submission for Final Approval. The Readiness Check does not replace the requirement to obtain Final Approval – it supports the preparation of the application for Final Approval.

This Readiness Check will assess:

  • Has the Sponsor taken the necessary steps to get ready to take the project to the bidding stage? The purpose is to ensure the Sponsor will be ready to successfully carry out the bidding process once Final Approval is granted.
  • Has the full documentation required for Final Approval been completed to an adequate standard? The purpose is to check that the project is ready for Final Approval in order to maximise the likelihood that Final Approval will be granted.

The Readiness Check (RC3) is done using the Readiness Filter for RC3.


This check takes place in Phase 3, following the completion of shortlisting of bidders and final drafts of project documents and before the submission of the project for Final Approval.







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