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Readiness Filters

Readiness Check 1: Internal Quality Review

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The purpose of Readiness Check 1 is to assess whether the proposed PPP project is sufficiently developed as a proposal and is adequately justified to make the costs of preparing a full Feasibility Study worthwhile. This Readiness Check will assess :

  • Is the project justified and the project design consistent with the intended outcomes for the project and with wider programmes and strategies of the Sponsor and the government ?
  • Is the project suitable for development as a PPP and is the proposed PPP mode is appropriate? Of particular importance here will be evidence of the proper application of the Suitability Filter and that any issues arising from it have been identified and plans are in place to mitigate them.
  • Is the initial commercial case for the project appears robust, including preliminary assessment of its financial viability and initial funding proposals ? Evidence of the use of the financial model to test the viability of the proposed project will be expected.
  • Have major risks been identified and mitigation measures outlined ?
  • Are sufficient resources available for the further development of the project and is a realistic timetable for this is in place ?

It should be noted that Readiness Check 1 does not include an in-depth assessment of the design, the project’s viability and risks and its readiness to begin the procurement process. These will be assessed following the completion of the full Feasibility Study Report in Phase 2.


Readiness Check 1 (RC1) is held following completion of the Pre-Feasibility Report in Phase 1 of the PPP process, PPP Identification. The inputs into the Pre-Feasibility Report will include the suitability analysis of the PPP and the project conducted using the PPP Family Indicator, Mode Selection Tool and Suitability Filter.

Readiness Check 1 comprises the Internal Quality Review following the completion of the Pre-Feasibility Study Report.


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