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Sector: State Highway  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Readiness Check 1

If the Suitability Filter and the results of the pre-feasibility analysis are supportive of procurement via PPP the potential PPP should be subject to internal checks of its readiness and the quality of preparation to date. This Readiness Check would be carried out by a review committee within the Sponsoring Authority. If the project is deemed ready it would be given internal clearance to continue with development as a PPP.

The Readiness Filter included with this toolkit has been developed to assist with this check.

The purpose of this first Readiness Check for the PPP is:

  • To ensure that only projects that are suited to being a PPP are allowed to proceed into the PPP development pipeline, and
  • To check for and raise flags about risks areas and aspects of the project that need particular attention during the project development.

The members of the review committee should include the Project Officer and key personnel who have worked on the pre-feasibility checks and analysis, and high-level staff from the Sponsoring Authority who are empowered to make major procurement decisions and decisions concerning the use of the Authority’s resources.

The review can be conducted in a relatively informal manner. However, the project must be made to prove itself as having sufficient quality as a PPP. This should draw on support from the results of the Suitability Filter, Mode Validation, and other pre-feasibility analyses. The committee should critically evaluate the results of the Suitability Filter, including the judgements made by the Project Officer.

It is important at this stage that the Project Officer is held accountable for all subjective judgements made in the Suitability Filter and other pre-feasibility analyses and is able to defend them robustly.

If Readiness Check 1 is favourable then the PPP project development can continue with a detailed full feasibility study. This second step is covered in the Feasibility Study section.


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