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Decision-Making Processes

Sector: State Highway  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Reviewing plans for PPP project management

The plans for managing the development of the PPP should be reviewed before the Phase 2 activities begin. Phase 2 requires a scaling-up of the PPP analysis and more resources may be required. The Project Team may need to be expanded at this stage.

Already in Phase 1 a Project Officer from within the Sponsoring Authority will have been assigned responsibility for managing and perhaps carrying out the preliminary analysis and checks, and for submitting the project for internal clearance. This person may remain as the Project Officer, with support from others who were involved in the early stages.

The Project Team may be structured in a number of ways depending on the procedures and capacity in the Sponsoring Authority and requirements of the jurisdiction. What is important is that a structured approach is taken to managing the process and that appropriate skills are available.

The Project Team should have expertise in finance, legal, planning, and technical aspects, and ideally have previous experience in PPPs.

An assessment should also be made of the need for external advisors to assist with the feasibility study and PPP preparation. Budgetary planning for the PPP development, including for the cost of external advisors, should also take place.


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