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Sector: State Highway  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Pre-Feasibility Report

Once the pre-feasibility analyses and PPP suitability checks have been completed the Sponsoring Authority will have a well defined description of the proposed project, its general scope, preliminary cost estimates, identified resettlement and environmental issues and requirements, income generating opportunities, initial financial viability, private sector opportunities, any identified project risks, and what further actions are required to complete the project preparation and by whom.

The results of the pre-feasibility analysis would be drawn together into the Pre-Feasibility Report (PFR)1.

The PFR is the key document to be put forward by the Project Officer in support of internal clearance in the first Readiness Check for the project. It should contain all the information that the internal review committee needs to assess whether the project is ready to proceed with further development.

The PFR will therefore give a summary of the analysis of the project that has been carried out so far. This will include:

  • Support for the project: Outline of the need for the project, other options considered and why the proposed option is preferred
  • Preliminary project feasibility: preliminary legal feasibility, technical feasibility, social/environment feasibility, estimates of financial viability including expectations of required Government financial support, and institutional capability analysis
  • Support for procurement as a PPP: Outline of the Suitability Filter results, including overall assessment of PPP suitability (full results can be included as an annex); description of envisaged PPP mode and public and private sector roles
  • Next steps and issues to be dealt with.

Annexes can be attached providing supporting documentation or further analysis.

A suggested checklist for PFR content is available here.



1 The Pre-Feasibility Report is sometimes called an Initial Screening Report (ISR). An ISR is required for all infrastructure projects identified in a City Development Plan to be pursued under JnNURM funding.

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