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Sector: State Highway  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Qualifying - RFQ and shortlisting

Qualifying criteria

The qualifying criteria used to evaluate the responses to the RFQ should be:

  • Based on the project requirements
  • Selected before the RFQ is prepared
  • Comparable among firms
  • Related to a scoring system
  • Clearly stated in the RFQ itself.

The criteria will reflect the technical, financial and other requirements of the particular project. They will need to be chosen specifically for the project. The requirements sections of the RFQ can then be written to specify that the responses provide information needed to meet the qualifying criteria.

Qualifying criteria may include:

  • Technical qualifications:
    • Experience with similar projects, in terms of service outputs and project size and complexity
    • Experience with PPPs in similar projects and generally
    • Relevant experience locally and internationally
    • Specific technical capabilities of the firm or consortium
    • Experience working together (if firms are forming a consortium)
  • Financial qualifications:
    • Ability to raise sufficient funding for the project and in the form required
    • Consortium structure, including minimum equity contribution of lead firm and evidence of binding agreement among the members
  • Evidence of no conflict of interest

The RFQ may also request brief comments on the project scope and structure in order to evaluate the firm or consortium’s understanding of the requirements.

A scoring system would be developed to allow the firms to be ranked. The Independent Monitor should review the criteria and the scoring system.

Different approaches can be taken to deciding the scoring system. Scores may be set for each qualifying criterion, with the scores chosen to reflect the relative importance of each criterion. In other cases, a minimum cut-off may be attached to some criteria (such as firm size or minimum equity stake) and scores attached to remaining criteria for comparison of firms that meet the cut-off.

Both the criteria and the scoring system should be explicitly stated in the RFQ. This will allow potential bidders to judge whether they are sufficiently qualified for the project and to focus their responses on what the Sponsor wants.


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