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Sector: State Highway  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Qualifying - RFQ and shortlisting

Contents of the RFQ

An RFQ is a more detailed document than an EOI. It should include the following information about the project and qualification procedure:

Description of key project details, including:

  • Description of the project scope and objectives, with a focus on the services to be provided including indication of performance levels
  • Skills, expertise and experience required to meet these objectives
  • Envisaged PPP mode and financing mechanism
  • Payment mechanism (eg, user charges, government payment, other source, or a combination)
  • Project timeframe and indicative schedule
  • A draft of the Concession Agreement can be included, perhaps as an annex.

Details of the qualification requirements and procurement process, including:

  • Qualifying criteria for the evaluation and selection of shortlisted bidders
  • Details of pre-submission conference or meeting and of other opportunities to ask questions or seek clarifications
  • Process for submission and evaluation
  • Indicative procurement schedule
  • Specific legal requirements or restrictions associated with the RFQ or the project
  • Other general instructions to applicants
  • Application forms (as annexes)

An example RFQ is provided in the Tools & Resources.

The first draft of the Concession Agreement will have been prepared at the In-principle Approval stage and may have been developed further in time for the RFQ.

In case of exceptionally complex projects where the Sponsor feels that a technical proposal or plan will be required, a Request for Technical Proposal (RTP) may be issued instead at the qualifications stage. This can be either along with the initial applications or at an intermediate stage.

The RTP would specify in detail the requirements for technical qualification and would form a part of the pre-qualification process. Only the Applicants who have been pre-qualified would be invited to participate in submission of Bids at the RFP Stage. 



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