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Decision-Making Processes

Sector: State Highway  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Preparing for procurement

Appointing an Independent Monitor

The sponsor agency may consider appointing an independent monitor to oversee the process and to ensure the transparency of the project tendering and public budget allocation processes. This person should be able to critically and objectively evaluate the process and comment on inadequacies and potential conflicts of interest as they arise. The use of an independent monitor is a good practice to adopt, particularly for financially large projects.

To carry out this role he or she should have an independent position in relation to the Sponsoring Authority. The independent monitor should, ideally be a representative from the Ministry of Finance or from the Ministry of Law or from an independent audit firm.

The role of the independent monitor will be to monitor and record the conduct of the participants and the proceedings particularly during the tendering and procurement and contract finalisation stages. The independent monitor will review all documentation and attend all internal and external meetings. The independent monitor would not approve any decision or document, but only certify that the proceedings had been conducted with the desired standard of transparency and accountability.

The independent monitor would report directly to the Approving Authority that is empowered to make the Final Approval decision. The Monitor should submit an independent report to the Approving Authority to verify that activities were conducted as per acceptable practices.

The independent monitor’s assessment of the tender process should be an important input into the approval process. The monitor would also provide advice on tender procedures to the procurement and evaluation team.



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