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Decision-Making Processes

Sector: State Highway  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Market sounding - the EOI

Contents of an EOI

An EOI notice is a relatively short and simple document. The notice should include the following information about the project and EOI process:

Description of key project details, including:

    • Description of the project scope and objectives, with a focus on the services to be provided including indication of performance levels
    • Envisaged PPP mode and financing mechanism
    • Payment mechanism (eg, user charges, government payment, other source, or a combination)
    • Project timeframe and indicative schedule

Details of the EOI process, including:

    • Developer eligibility and required qualifications, capacity and experience
    • Instructions for answering the EOI, including information required and deadline
    • Details of information conference or meeting and of other opportunities to ask questions or seek clarifications
    • EOI forms (as annexes)

An example EOI contents is provided in the Tools & Resources module.


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