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Sector: State Highway  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Activities in a strategic planning exercise

Preliminary needs assessment study

The key drivers for planning an infrastructure programme are the service needs of the end-users. An overall needs assessment should be carried out taking account of the types of services users will need, total user demand for those services, and all sources of existing and planned delivery of services.

Planning for infrastructure services that are provided by assets with long lives should include a needs assessment that covers a correspondingly long period. This requires a holistic view taking account of factors that might affect the level and location of demand, including expected and planned urban and industrial development.

Infrastructure services can be defined and measured in total for all users and broken down into totals for specific groups of users. The strategic plan should provide at least a preliminary assessment of needs for user groups that would be served by particular infrastructure assets or integrated systems. These can then be mapped to individual project interventions.

Defined services in the roads sector would include vehicle kilometres, peak-hour flows.

Examples of specific user groups include roads sector users of a particular route or corridor, such as commuter traffic, light commercial vehicles, buses, multi-axle vehicles etc.


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