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Sector: State Highway  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Assigning a PPP process management team

Responsibility for the management of the PPP development process within the Sponsoring Authority should be clearly assigned from an early stage. A Project Officer should be available to lead the preliminary analysis and checks, possibly supported by a small team. In jurisdictions with PPP procedures already established there may already be a dedicated PPP Project Officer. In other cases this person will need to be assigned.

The project team for the Phase 1 analysis might be small, perhaps containing only one or two people. These people should ideally have previous experience in PPPs and knowledge of the finance, legal, planning, and technical aspects of the proposed projects. Technical or financial consultants are likely to be engaged to carry out the pre-feasibility analysis.

The Sponsoring Authority’s PPP process management team will probably need to be expanded as the project moves deeper into the development process, depending on the project size and complexity and on how much external advisors are used. This expansion is likely to begin once the project enters the PPP development pipeline in Phase 2.

More information on planning for PPP project management is available here, including:


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