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Sector: State Highway  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Planning for PPP project management

Appointing a PPP project manager and project team

The Sponsoring Authority should appoint a project manager to oversee and take responsibility for the process. This person would be supported by and would lead a Project Team. This team, with the project manager at its head, would be the key entity driving the PPP project. It should be formed in Phase 1 (PPP Identification) and remain together at least until technical close in Phase 3 (PPP Procurement). Such a Project Team is sometimes also called a Project Implementation Unit (PIU).

Members of the Project Team may go on to form part of the Contract Management Team during the operational life of the PPP (see Phase 4).

Both the project manager and members of the Project Team would usually be from the staff of the Sponsoring Authority. Sponsors that already have experience with PPPs may have a PPP team in place or that can be quickly reconstituted. Alternatively, a team might be created specifically for the project at hand. These may be permanent members of the team or a core project management team might be created with specialists from other areas of the Sponsoring Authority called in as required.

The Project Team will guide the project through the PPP process. Their role will include

  • Overall project management, ensuring the process is delivered according to schedule and containing costs
  • Engaging advisors, including determining their terms of reference; managing advisors to ensure they deliver, and assessing their services
  • Championing the project and submitting the application for approval

External support may be used to provide specialist advice and to bolster the capacity of the Sponsor’s Project Team. Support may be provided through a Project Development Agency, by the PPP Cell, or by engaging technical consultants.

Preparation of a project plan

One of the important functions of the PPP project manager and Project Team is to plan the process of the PPP development and procurement in advance. Work done at the beginning of the process will pay dividends later as the Project Team will be better prepared for the next steps and better able to anticipate issues before they arise. This can increase the likely success and quality of the PPP development and procurement.

A Project Plan, prepared by the Project Team at the outset of the process, can be a useful planning tool. The preparation of the plan will give the team a point of focus for thinking in greater detail about how the PPP process will be carried out.

The Project Plan would specify

  • Project timetable, showing key steps and tasks in project development, plans for consultations, and critical decisions and approvals required
  • Key roles within the project, including decision-making authorities, and sources and funding for assistance


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