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Sector: State Highway  |  Module 2: Work through the PPP process

Full feasibility study and PPP due diligence

Project implementation schedule

A project implementation schedule would be developed from the technical specification. This would reflect the timing and interrelationships of all of the major components of the project.

The checklist below indicates the stages that should be included in a typical implementation schedule. The stages included for individual projects would vary depending on whether it has a capex or opex focus and according to the sector.

Checklist of implementation schedule

No. Information to be covered in the implementation schedule Included? (yes, no)
1 In-principle clearance timeline:
1A First draft of tender documents and other key project documents (eg, EoI, RFQ, RFP)  
1B Application for in-principle clearance for the PPP  
2 Pre-qualification and final document preparation timeline:
2a Issue RFQ  
2b Pre-qualification of bidders  
2c Final draft of tender documents, and feedback on bid documents from bidders for complex / new sector projects  
3 Application for Final Approval of the PPP
4 Procurement and award timeline:
4a Issue RFP, allowing adequate time to respond to bidder queries  
4b Evaluation of bids  
4c Negotiation and award  
5 Technical and financial closure timelines:
5a Detailed technical studies and planning  
5b Obtaining clearances  
5c Arranging and finalising finance  
5d Concessionaire Event of Default  
6 Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) activities and timeline (for projects that involve a capital expenditure component)  
6a Detailing each major milestone through the EPC process  
7 Post-construction activities  
7a Such as surveys and commissioning facilities  
8 Expected date for commencement of operations  
9 Major milestones in the operating lifecycle of the project  


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