PPP Structuring Toolkit PPP Structuring Toolkit

PPP Toolkit has been designed to assist the PPP practitioners to strengthen decision-making at all key stages of the PPP project cycle and also improve the quality of the PPPs that are being developed. It is a web-based toolkit that facilitates identification, assessment, development, procurement and monitoring of PPP projects. The toolkit is structured to cover the full life cycle of PPP projects. While the general structure has incorporated international best practices, the toolkit has been built on specific approaches for project procurement, approval, etc. in India; to ensure that it forms a relevant resource for practitioners in India. The online nature of the toolkit ensures updating of resources quickly over time as the approaches in place develop and change. The toolkit covers five infrastructure sectors, namely:

  1. State Highways
  2. Water and Sanitation
  3. Ports
  4. Solid Waste Management
  5. Urban Transport

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