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Project Name
Common Effluent Treatment Plant (Ludhiana)
Project Brief
The project involves implementation of common effluent treatment plant for treatment and disposal of textile effluent at Tajpur in Ludhiana district.
Water Sanitation
Water treatment plants
Project Capacity
90.0 MLD (Millons Liter per day)
Location The geographical location of the project
Project Status
Under Construction
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Private Sector Infrastructure Projects
Any Other Information Any other relevant information for the project
As of January 2016, expected completion date of the project was 30-Sep-2016 (Source:- Vice President, Punjab Dyers Association)

Project Developer Name of the private player implementing the project
Name of Developer
Punjab Dyers Association
Project Timelines
Date Of Start Of Project The date on which the work order/notice to proceed was issued by the project authority to the developer
Date Of Project Completion(Actual)
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Date Of Project Completion(as per Contract)
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Project Cost
Project Cost (as per Contract) in Rs Crore
Project Cost (Revised) in Rs Crore The project cost, if different from the cost as per original estimates
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