Project Details Project Details

Project Name
Modernization of Delhi International Airport
Project Brief
The major components of the project includes renovation of Terminals 1A, 1B, 1C and Terminal 2, construction of 4.43km CAT IIIB and Code F compliant runway, construction of new domestic terminal and construction of an integrated passenger terminal (Terminal 3). Ultimate design capacity of 100 mppa (million passengers per annum).
Project Capacity
119.0 MPPA (Million Passenger Per Annum)
Location The geographical location of the project
Delhi (UT)
Type of PPP Variant of PPP model adopted for implementation of the project
Operation-Management-and-Development-Agreement (OMDA)
Project Status
Operation and Maintenance Stage
Concession Duration (In Months)
Bid Parameter Criteria adopted for award of project
Highest premium
Government/Non Government A government project pertains to project implemented either through traditional procurement mode or through PPP mode. A non-government project pertains to a project implemented solely by private sector
Any Other Information
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Project Authority Name of the government agency that is the Concessioning Authority for the project
Name Of Authority
Airports Authority of India (AAI)
Project Concessionaire The name of the concessionaire appointed for the project
Name Of Concessionaire
Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) - GMR-Fraport Consortium
Project Timelines
Concession Agreement Signing Date The date on which the concession agreement is signed
Financial Closure Date The date on which the conditions precedent to the initial availability of funds under the Financing Agreements are fulfilled
Not Available
Appointed Date
Construction Completion Date (as per Concession Agreement)
Construction Completion Date (Actual) Actual Construction completion date
Date to Start of Commercial Operation (as per Concession Agreement)
Date to Start of Commercial Operation (Actual) Actual start date for commercial operation
Concession End Date (as per Concession Agreement) The envisaged date of end of concession period as per the concession agreement
Not Available
Concession End Date (Actual) Actual end date of the concession
Not Available
Project Grant
Type Of Grant
Not Applicable
Grant Amount in Rs Crore
Not Available
Project Cost
Project Cost (as per Concession Agreement) in Rs Crore
Project Cost (Revised) in Rs Crore The project cost, if different from the cost as per the concession agreement
Not Available
Project Cost (Actual) in Rs Crore Actual cost of the project
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