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This Report provides information on infrastructure projects implemented by the Government through traditional procurement (i.e. EPC basis) across pre-defined set of parameters and following coverage criteria:
  • Projects that were under 'Pre-construction Stage', or 'Under Construction' as on April 1, 2012 or 'Awarded' thereafter and with Project Cost >INR 50 crore.
Information available as on 06 December 2019
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No. of Projects in this Report: 6157 Total Project Cost(in Rs Crore): 3,539,118.54
Sl No
361 Setting up of 171 MW Lata Tapovan hydel power unit at Chamoli#
171.00 MW (Mega Watt) 1,801.07 Energy Renewable energy (grid) Completed NTPC Limited 07-Dec-2012 Uttarakhand 04-12-2019
362 Setting up of 1980 MW coal based power unit at Barh in Patna
1,980.00 MW (Mega Watt) 15,095.67 Energy Electricity generation (grid) Under Construction NTPC Limited 14-Mar-2005 Bihar 04-12-2019
363 Setting up of 200 MW wind based power at Thoothukudi
200.00 MW (Mega Watt) 1,000.00 Energy Renewable energy (grid) Completed Solar Energy Corporation of India 16-Oct-2017 Tamil Nadu 04-12-2019
364 Setting up of 21 MW wind based power unit at Nakhatrana Wind Farm in Kachchh district
21.00 MW (Mega Watt) 105.00 Energy Renewable energy (grid) Completed Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited 30-Apr-2016 Gujarat 04-12-2019
365 Setting up of 220 kV substation at Anjangaon in Amravati district
220.00 KV (Kilo Volt) 51.04 Energy Electricity transmission Completed Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited 09-Feb-2010 Maharashtra 04-12-2019
366 Setting up of 240 MW Lower Jurala hydel power unit at Mahaboob Nagar
240.00 MW (Mega Watt) 1,969.14 Energy Renewable energy (grid) Completed Telangana State Power Generation Corporation Limited 14-Jul-2008 Telangana 04-12-2019
367 Setting up of 25 MW biomass based co-generation power plant at Naraingarh
25.00 MW (Mega Watt) 116.09 Energy Renewable energy (grid) Completed Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency 12-Sep-2012 Haryana 04-12-2019
368 Setting up of 250 MW coal based power unit at Parli
250.00 MW (Mega Watt) 2,081.30 Energy Electricity generation (grid) Completed Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited 20-Jan-2009 Maharashtra 04-12-2019
369 Setting up of 30 MW coal based power unit at Manapparai
30.00 MW (Mega Watt) 150.00 Energy Electricity generation (grid) Completed Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited 10-Apr-2015 Tamil Nadu 04-12-2019
370 Setting up of 400 kV Veloda substation at Sankhari#
400.00 KV (Kilo Volt) 89.78 Energy Electricity transmission Completed Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited 16-Aug-2013 Gujarat 04-12-2019
371 Setting up of 444 MW Vishnugad Pipalkoti hydel power project at Chamoli
444.00 MW (Mega Watt) 3,745.08 Energy Renewable energy (grid) Under Construction THDC India Limited 19-Dec-2013 Uttarakhand 04-12-2019
372 Setting up of 450 MW Shongtong Karchham hydel power unit at Kinnaur#
450.00 MW (Mega Watt) 3,316.35 Energy Renewable energy (grid) Under Construction Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Limited 04-Aug-2012 Himachal Pradesh 04-12-2019
373 Setting up of 520 MW Tapovan Vishnugad hydel power unit at Chamoli
520.00 MW (Mega Watt) 3,846.30 Energy Renewable energy (grid) Completed NTPC Limited 30-Nov-2006 Uttarakhand 04-12-2019
374 Setting up of 60 MW Tuirial hydel power unit in Aizwal
60.00 MW (Mega Watt) 1,422.47 Energy Renewable energy (grid) Completed North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited 01-Aug-2011 Mizoram 04-12-2019
375 Setting up of 600 MW Kameng hydel power unit at West Kameng#
600.00 MW (Mega Watt) 5,269.00 Energy Renewable energy (grid) Under Construction North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited 08-Apr-2004 Arunachal Pradesh 04-12-2019
376 Setting up of 800 MW Parbati hydel power unit (Stage II) at Kullu#
800.00 MW (Mega Watt) 8,398.75 Energy Renewable energy (grid) Under Construction NHPC Limited 11-Sep-2002 Himachal Pradesh 04-12-2019
377 Setting up of 800 MW Yermarus thermal power station project in Raichur district.
800.00 MW (Mega Watt) 12,589.00 Energy Electricity generation (grid) Completed Karnataka Power Corporation Limited 09-Apr-2010 Karnataka 04-12-2019
378 Setting up of mega food park project on 52 acres at Ranchi
52.00 Acres 114.74 Social and Commercial Infrastructure Common infrastructure for industrial parks, SEZ Completed Ministry of Food Processing Industries 27-Mar-2009 Jharkhand 04-12-2019
379 Sewage Treatment Plant (Behrampur)#
120.00 MLD (Millons Liter per day) 100.78 Water Sanitation Sewage collection, treatment and disposal system Completed Haryana Urban Development Authority 22-Mar-2012 Haryana 04-12-2019
380 Sewage Treatment Plant (Dhanwapur)#
100.00 MLD (Millons Liter per day) 94.40 Water Sanitation Sewage collection, treatment and disposal system Completed Haryana Urban Development Authority 22-Mar-2012 Haryana 04-12-2019
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