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Help Page – Infrastructure Database

Format of the data

The information stored in is downloadable in PDF format by selecting different criteria.

Basic Search

The user can enter a desired keyword in the "Search" option on the homepage of the website.

Infrastructure Project Database

The section has been categorized in the following heads:

  • Government Infrastructure Projects
  • Private Sector Infrastructure Projects
  • Government Infrastructure Projects (PPP)
  • Government Infrastructure Projects (Traditional Procurement)
  • All Infrastructure Projects
  • Infrastructure Projects State Wise
  • Infrastructure Projects Sector Wise
  • Infrastructure Projects Status Wise
  • Infrastructure Projects Year Wise


Design Your Search

Apart from the basic search the database also provides the user with an additional feature for advanced search called the "Design your search". This can be accessed from the Home page.

 The data can be searched by selecting the following menu options:

  • Project Classification
    • Government Infrastructure Projects
      • Government Infrastructure Projects (PPP)
      • Government Infrastructure Projects (Traditional Procurement)
    • Private Sector Infrastructure Projects
  • Type of PPP
  • Sector/Sub-sector
  • Centre/State/UT
  • Status
  • Project Cost
  • Date of award of the project
  • Financial Closure date of the project


The website also supports using multiple criteria from the above list in combinations for example state, PPP type and sector.


After you click at the "Design your search" the menu of choices open as given below:

The tool gives the user option to download the results in form of PDF document and also has the option to print the same.

Summary Reports

Summary Reports are available in the following categories:

State wise

Sector wise

Status wise

Year wise

Printing of Documents

The documents can be printed but with changes in the print settings which can be done by changing the Page size, adjusting to A4 size, usually given in the printing shortcut settings found according to a given printer.

What can be printed?

All the individual project reports as well as search queries can be printed.

Browser Compatibility

The database is best viewed at 1074/768 resolution and IE 5.5 or higher. The same can be adjusted by changing the settings in the display menu settings. 

Accessing the database

User Manual provides step wise instruction to users to navigate across the database and can be accessed at .