Guidance Material and Reference Documents Guidance Material and Reference Documents

This section contains various knowledge products developed in the PPP cell for sharing PPP best practices to enhance the ability of the public officials as well as private developers to implement PPP projects. These knowledge products include guidance material like manuals, green books, reports of committees on PPPs, case studies containing PPP initiatives in India and online toolkits pertaining to implementation of PPP projects in infrastructure.
  1. Developing Coordinated PPPs and systems for financing health in Africa

  2. Guidance on use of Municipal Bond Financing for Infrastructure projects, September 2017

  3. Post Award Contract Management for PPP Concessions

  4. Report of the Committee on Revisiting & Revitalizing the Public Private Partnership Model of Infrastructure (Kelkar Committee Report), November 2015

  5. PPP Guide for Practitioners, April 2016

  6. Developing a Framework for Renegotiation of PPP Contracts, December 2014

  7. PPP Structuring Toolkit

  8. Green books on Health Sector

  9. Public Private Partnership Projects in India: Compendium of Case Studies, June 2015

  10.  Public Auditing  Guidelines for PPP in Infrastrucure Projects by CAG (2009)

  11.  Value Capture Finance Policy Framework by MoHUA

  12. Public Private Partnership Monitor second edition (May 2019)

  13. Guidance Note for IT PPP Projects by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (2017)

  14. Second version of the PPP Reference Guide

  15. PDC/PPP Cell Nodal Contact for States & Union Territories